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The University of Maryland University College is celebrating more than 60 years of serving the U.S. military world-wide as the premier supplier of non-traditional education to our troops. UMUC is now educating 60,000 military and family members.

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Welcome to The Blewitt Foundation Web site.

The Blewitt Foundation supports military families experiencing severe injuries and invites financial support to assist the foundation in carrying out its mission for special men and women who are suffering -- and who, with their families, have sacrificed so much for all of us. Our mission is based on the belief that military family members serve too.

Creighton Farms Jack Nicklaus Course
The new partnership with the magnificent Creighton Farms golf course has enabled our heroes to enjoy the best that golf has to offer.  Part of Southworth Development's luxury communities, this is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course located in Northern Virginia's horse country and is rated by many in golf as one of the top courses in the country.  In our inaugural partnership year, Creighton has hosted foursomes and small groups from Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  We are looking to include Bethesda Naval Medical Center and our various Wounded Warriors from different locations as we broaden activities.

Left to right: CF Head Golf Pro Michael Vidal; Walter Reed Guests Laura Paz, Michele Ellis and Johnnie Gardner; Foundation President Rich Blewitt; Caddie Brian Landers.

All those with different skill levels and physical abilities participate and the Creighton family assures a day of enjoyment that can not be topped on a golf course -- with caddies, clubs (if necessary), carts and meals provided.  The attention to our injured and their families by the great folks at Creighton Farms makes all of us involved with The Blewitt Foundation very proud to be associated with another caring organization.   The feedback from our military's finest who have had the pleasure of a day at Creighton say it is a day they will never forget -- from the beautiful course and scenery and the service they were given.  We look forward to a great continuing and growing relationship with Creighton Farms and Southworth Development.

Duchessa of Middleburg
Duchessa of Middleburg, classic apparel and accessories, also based in Northern Virginia, became our other new partner in 2010, with an initial donation of about $70,000 worth of very high-end designer clothing.  The magnificent custom designed items were divided between Bethesda and Walter Reed and received by a most grateful group of our service families, who were given an array of choices of top names in fashion inventory for both men and women.  This included luxurious footwear, dresses, sport coats, pants, dress and casual shirts, sweaters, belts, ties and socks.  The Bethesda Command called it "incredible" and could not say enough about what this meant to patients and families.

Duchessa is known for its support to military families and initiated contact with the Foundation to start the partnership -- and what a beginning!  The Foundation is indeed fortunate to once again be able to join a team member that give us all an example of just how a company can make a difference in the lives of our heroes by extending themselves this way.  Duchessa management has told the Foundation that they plan to donate clothing again next year and it is our honor to be associated with such a great company and be able to serve our families on the company's behalf.

Washington Nationals
We again had the privilege of hosting military members and their families at more than 20 Washington Nationals Major League Baseball games this season.  Our heroes enjoyed premier seating in the second row behind home plate in the President's Section that some say are the best seats in all of baseball.   Part of the package included stadium parking and first class dining in the prestigious President's Club, located a few steps from the seats.  The appreciation expressed by family members who have been our guests at Nats Park always tell us that this is a very special event for them and that seeing a baseball game in this fashion is beyond what they have ever experienced before.

Military members and families who came to see the Nationals this year with us represented Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Wounded Warrior Units from Ft. Meade, Ft. Belvoir and Quantico.  We hope to be able to expand our Nats premier offerings in the future, as this great stadium is now just three years old and has improved in every way each year.  We hopefully will be able to see a championship team there sometime in the near future!

Again, we are pleased to say that one of the finest parts of the National Park Service, the fantastic Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, expanded its partnership activity with us again this year.  Also located in Northern Virginia, this outstanding amphitheatre and its beautiful surroundings feature the best in entertainment throughout its summer season.  Known for its tag line "....where the arts come out to play," Wolf Trap is indeed a magical place of beauty where one can relax while being entertained by some of the best artists in the world. 

Several hundred military family members got the opportunity to see "Riverdance," "Cats," Legally Blond," "National Symphony Presents: the Music of James Bond," and "The Sound of Music," well-known shows that brought families together for evenings of enjoyment that have a lasting memory.  Wolf Trap is committed to supporting our troops and their loved ones and once again have demonstrated that they are special and welcome them to be a part of the Wolf Trap family.  We can not thank them enough for their hospitality and generosity.

We thank all of our partners -- they go the extra mile to make our heroes know that their sacrifices are appreciated and honored.  From new Foundation family members Creighton Farms and Duchessa to the Washington Nationals and Wolf Trap, we are able to offer just a touch of the "best of class" to just some who put their own lives and their family's well-being on the line for all of us each and every day.  It seems it is the least we can all do.  It is our hope that in the future, we will attract additional partners like these great caring organizations and have expanded activities for our nation's warriors and their families.

With the first Destination R&R program at Turf Valley Resort (Maryland) and our subsequent activities, we have moved our mission from vision to reality.  Now, there is much work ahead for all of us at the Foundation, for our partners, and those who will join us in our efforts to serve military families.  We invite your help and support.

The cornerstone of our family-based program is fun -- but, not just any kind of fun. The Blewitt Foundation -- with your help -- provides all-expenses paid, fun with activities for all ages and abilities. Just as important, our collective support transforms fun into sharing, connecting, and healing for families and among families.  There is no other program that honors the entire family like this -- and at no cost to them.

The Josephson Institute of Ethics (info at:

The University of Maryland University College is celebrating more than 60 years as the premier provider of high-quality adult education to the U.S. military globally (through both online and classroom curricula).  UMUC provides a number of optional programs for program participants who may want to enrich themselves or brush-up on subjects of their choice.  Information at:

And, the National Military Family Association adds it renowned experience as the leading, long-time voice of military families to screen and select individuals and families eligible for the program -- and to help guide the Foundation overall. Information at:

What We Would Like You to Know
The content on this Web site will give you information about the Foundation, what our planned activities with partners are, information about our first successful Destination R&Rfear and tears into smiles and laughter, these wonderful things happen only with financial contributions of generous individuals, families, corporations, corporate and other foundations, institutions, trusts, and trade associations.  At this critical point, The Blewitt Foundation needs significant contributions.  There are opportunities for branding and sponsorships and all levels of support, and of course we welcome unrestricted funds that allow us to expand our operations and take our activities to the next level.

The Blewitt Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.  More important, the Foundation is an organization that will be there for these families and especially the children who deserve the demonstration of our love.  Please help us help them.

Thank you,
The Blewitt Foundation Team

Excerpts from Destination R&R attendees:

"......You have sought out the disabled service members, including their families, recognized and honored them in a way that is unheard of in today's society.....My favorite part of the trip only last 20 seconds. It occurred when our son looked up at his Dad and for the first time, didn't see his disabled father, but he saw his hero. Thank you for that wonderful gift."

"......The trip made a profound impact on our family and we will be forever grateful......We will never forget how much you have changed our lives"

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Michael Josephson is the Founder & CEO of the Josephson Institute of Ethics and its well-known Character Counts! program. His daily commentary is heard by several million listeners on KNX Radio in Los Angeles, the Armed Forces Radio Network globally and several other U.S. radio stations, as well as printed in a number of U.S. local newspapers.

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