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The University of Maryland University College is celebrating more than 60 years of serving the U.S. military world-wide as the premier supplier of non-traditional education to our troops. UMUC is now educating 60,000 military and family members.

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Excepts from Destination R&R

Spouse of the family of the severely injured that attended:
"...I have been neglectful in sending you a thank you note for including our family in Destination R&R.....Every time I sat down to write you a thank you note, my eyes would start to well-up.  A thank you just isn't enough.  I see many yellow ribbons and signs that say "we support our troops."  The words are nice, but you have truly honored the humble men and women who have served this country with quiet distinction.  You have sought out the disabled service members, including their families, recognized and honored them in a way that is unheard of in today's society.

Our trip to Maryland was wonderful.  It was a peaceful place to get away from all of the challenges on our everyday lives.  (Their children)  loved the Baltimore Aquarium. (Their child) think that the laptop was the greatest part of the trip because she can email her friends.  My husband enjoyed the Baltimore Orioles baseball game.  He said that in his 20 years in the service he had never been honored or recognized in this manner.  It was truly a marvelous vacation.  My favorite part of the trip only lasted 20 seconds.  It occurred when our son looked up at his Dad and for the first time, didn't see his disabled father, but he saw his hero.  Thank you for that wonderful gift.

I have been searching for a stronger sentiment than 'thank you.'  Your generosity to disabled veterans is unequaled!  I am not sure you will ever be able to understand how grateful we are that you started The Blewitt Foundation and chose us as one of your families for Destination R&R"

From the family of one of the attendees:
"As we near the anniversary of our trip last year, our thoughts have often turned to you guys.  The trip made a very profound impact on our family and we will be forever grateful.  We wanted to let you know how much we love every single one of you and how much we miss you!!  We will never forget how much you have changed our lives.  Hopefully, we will get a chance to cross paths again in the future.”
One of the children that attended:
“I liked everything very much and I truly thank you for everything you did for us.  You have and will continue to touch the world with your kindness.”
Spouse of the family of the severely injured that attended:
“How can we possibly define all that has been done for us?  Everything was surreal making this an enchanted experience.  We’ve often felt “lost in the system” and he’s felt forgotten.  To have complete strangers care enough to show appreciation and make us feel like royalty is unbelievable but appreciated.  Our words can never possibly express the gratitude we feel.  Everything was over and above our wildest expectations.  Mr. Cantafio was caring, supportive, and always concerned with our well-being.  Mr. Blewitt (Ken) always made us feel at ease with any questions and was eager to make all have “the time of their lives.”  We had the honor of sitting with Rich Blewitt during a meal and to hear his vision personally was inspiring for us.  We will definitely be a lifelong supporter and fundraiser for The Blewitt Foundation.”
From the family of one of the attendees:
 “Thank you so much for giving our family the experience of a lifetime.  Your motivation has encouraged us to help others receive the same treatment through spreading the word about the needed support to continue the wonderful generosity that you have shown for us.  You will forever be in our hopes and prayers.”
From the family of one of the attendees:
 “You all were so wonderful!  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this “first” of many events!  We were so honored by your generosity and your genuine love and concern for our families and our fellow service members’ families.  We will never forget how you brought our family together for this most memorable vacation! 

Thank you for your support of our military!”

From the family of one of the attendees:

 “More than family and I could ever hope for.  Outstanding support and help from all involved.  Will definitely spread word about The Blewitt Foundation.  Hope to keep in touch with all at Foundation.  Will always be in our hearts and prayers.  Experience cannot and never be forgotten.  Thank you to The Blewitt Foundation and all sponsors and all involved.  Hope to one day to repay all you have done.  Will keep in touch with all at the Foundation.  Thanks for everything.”

From the family of one of the attendees:

 “I am honored to have been a selected family.  I am honored to know the Blewitt family.  I am humbled by your accounts.  I am a better person for this experience.  Thank you!”

From the family of one of the attendees:

 “We really had a great time.  This trip exceeded our expectations, we had no idea everything was going to be taken care of from the moment we arrived until we left.  Meeting the Blewitts and the volunteers made everything more personable.  They took the time to meet every family and get to know us.  Leaving was bitter sweet.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or the foundation.”

School teacher who recently saw the Destination R&R DVD on Veteran’s Day show at their school:

“It is so great that these vets and their families have this opportunity – provided by your thoughtfulness of spirit and generous nature.  I don’t know you well but your actions speak volumes about your honorable character.  We are all very impressed.  Your generosity is a terrific example to us all…”

The grandmother of one of the family attendees:

“My grandson and his family were your guests at Destination R&R in August.  It was a wonderful experience for all of them… I hope you can repeat this vacation for many others.”

Excerpts from Applications for Destination R&R

"I was injured by an IED explosion in Baghdad. I lost my right index finger and most of my small finger but more importantly I lost most of the bones, blood vessels and nerves in my hand. Being the only soldier wounded in the blast I had mixed feelings of being happy to be alive but wishing I could be back fighting with my friends. Our son had to bounce around to different friends homes in the beginning. It is hard to be a dad and not be able to throw a baseball and even harder to be ‘the man of the house’ when my wife has to help me tie my shoes and button my pants. Due to the constant care I require, my wife lost her job because she had to stay in the hospital with me"

“Since my injuries I don’t have the stamina to stay on my feet for long. I’m no longer able to volunteer at my daughter’s school. The worst part of this has been not being able to pick up my daughter to comfort her or to just hold her.  I struggled to feel like I was fit to continue as a part of the Army and as a father"
“Since these injuries have occurred, I have not been able to cope with simple things as just talking to my children or going outside to play with my daughter. My son has to help me when I’m not able to do things and he usually doesn’t go anywhere just to make sure that I have someone around all the time. I am learning how to deal with the pain so I can go to the store with my children. My children deserve to have a home where they don’t have to worry about their mother.”
 “I have been a soldier since I was 17 years old. My children have always seen me as a strong person that had been involved in many sports with my 3 boys. I am unable to do that anymore. My boys now see me as being handicapped in certain ways as I am unable to take care of myself.”
“Just knowing that we had almost lost him and seeing him injured and knowing that he will have emotional scars for the rest of his life has affected our whole family. He had skin grafts done to the back of his legs. He has a scar from the top of his chest to the pelvis area. He has a colostomy bag due to the injury in the rectum, colon and intestine area. Seeing your child injured like this is so hard to deal with.”
“We all want our life, pre-Iraq, back but know it is not possible. Day to day living is stressful. It has been hard for the kids to come to terms with the fact that their Dad has changed. Memory loss, confusion, pain, etc.. are all part of daily life. He feels as if he has let us all down.”

Excerpts from Destination R&R attendees:

"......You have sought out the disabled service members, including their families, recognized and honored them in a way that is unheard of in today's society.....My favorite part of the trip only last 20 seconds. It occurred when our son looked up at his Dad and for the first time, didn't see his disabled father, but he saw his hero. Thank you for that wonderful gift."

"......The trip made a profound impact on our family and we will be forever grateful......We will never forget how much you have changed our lives"

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