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The University of Maryland University College is celebrating more than 60 years of serving the U.S. military world-wide as the premier supplier of non-traditional education to our troops. UMUC is now educating 60,000 military and family members.

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About The Blewitt Foundation

Our Mission

The Blewitt Foundation's primary mission is to provide special comfort, enjoyment and enrichment opportunities for U.S. military families -- with a focus on children experiencing loss, serious injury or related anxiety or fear -- through partnerships with unique recreational and educational programs.

Program Concepts

Our Partners

The Josephson Institute of Ethics (JIE)Character Counts! programs that help young people grow up morally strong.  The Character Counts! Coalition -- made up of more than 700 youth-serving organizations -- reaches millions through programs in schools, communities, and non-profit groups. Character Counts! is in wide use at  U.S. Army bases throughout the world  and is a hallmark of The Blewitt Foundation's programs. Information: 

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

The National Military Family AssociationDestination R&R program.  Information:

Destination R&R Destination R&Rfun.

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Excerpts from Destination R&R attendees:

"......You have sought out the disabled service members, including their families, recognized and honored them in a way that is unheard of in today's society.....My favorite part of the trip only last 20 seconds. It occurred when our son looked up at his Dad and for the first time, didn't see his disabled father, but he saw his hero. Thank you for that wonderful gift."

"......The trip made a profound impact on our family and we will be forever grateful......We will never forget how much you have changed our lives"

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Michael Josephson is the Founder & CEO of the Josephson Institute of Ethics and its well-known Character Counts! program. His daily commentary is heard by several million listeners on KNX Radio in Los Angeles, the Armed Forces Radio Network globally and several other U.S. radio stations, as well as printed in a number of U.S. local newspapers.

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